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Classic Spin
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Discover YOUR Element With Us.

Improve Health

Exercising 3-4 days a week has been shown to improve physical and mental health. Build muscle and burn calories while having FUN!

Classes for Everyone

All fitness levels are welcome. Go at your own pace, do what is comfortable for you, and we'll cheer you along your ride!

Reach Your Goals

No matter what you're aiming to achieve, let Element help you get there! Our classes are designed to target legs, core, arms, and cardio.

Find Your "Why"

Relieve stress, get an escape, have fun, burn calories, increase dopamine, make friends, take the thinking out of exercising... Whatever journey you're on, we'll push you along the path.

Do you struggle with:

Boring Atmosphere

Many people find exercising isolating and boring, making it difficult to stay consistent. Our spin studio can provide an exciting and engaging atmosphere, with musical outlets and a personalized workout routine.

Weird Social Scenes

An energizing studio can provide an opportunity for social connection and interaction, with a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that promotes camaraderie and friendship.

No Confidence

No confidence? No problem. We have a positive and uplifting environment that celebrates body positivity and self-love. The fun and humor can break down barriers and allow members to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Getting Started Is Easy


Schedule Your Class with Us. Check out why people are drawn to our spin classes by experiencing an energizing workout!


Speak with One of Our Instructors. Come see our facility! Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable with every fitness level.


Start Your Journey. Plan out what classes are right for you!